• Energy in the Year 2036
     The project is the result of being awarded a grant from Westar Energy.  You will be looking at alternative ways to create energy now and in the future.

                    Have you ever thought what the world would be like when you are about 40 years old? Where will you be living, jobs, family? What will you use to heat and cool your house? What will be powering your vehicle? These are all important questions that you might be able to answer or change in the future. It is never too early to start looking into how things are being powered now and how they might change in the future.

                    This project is going to allow groups of students to research and experiment with different alternative fuels. You will be assigned a group that will be investigating one of the following forms of alternative energies. 

    Wind Power

    Savanous Turbines Power

    Bio-Energy Fuels

    Solar Panels

    Hydrogen Power

    Water Turbine

                    Each person will have an assignment that must be completed in a timely manner so that a presentation can be made that will be presented to other classes. All music, narration, pictures, video, and scientific data will included in the presentation. This final aspect of the project will be shown in this class and other classes and will be made so that it can be placed on my web page. All information will be on the video, prezi, powerpoint, or other media form so that I can show the presentation to other classes.

    Scientific Data

    All forms of alternative energy equipment that we have will the capability of generating electricity. Most generators are a small motor, but it will produce electricity that can be measured with a multimeter. In order to get full credit for the scientific component of the project, your team will need to complete all of the following parts.

    Identify variables

    Independent Variable

    Dependent Variable

    Observations: Your team will need to include in the presentation everything that was observed during the experiment. Some examples of observations could be voltage, volume flow of water, air speed, fan settings, sun strength, light strength, size of fan blades, dimensions, angles, or anything else that can be measured. Observations will need to be in a list form in the presentation.

    Data: During the experiment, your team will be taking data and creating a data table. You will need to determine how you will take the voltage and construct the data table with this located in the table.

    Graph: If you have taken data that can be graphed, a graph will need to be constructed and inserted in the presentation.





    Software must be approved by your instructor before starting.



    Window Live Movie Maker

    Photo Story 3



    PowerPoint but must include a video link in the presentation.



    Must include music

    Must be appropriate

    Must include resources for pictures used.

    Document must be signed for future use.

    The following must be included in the presentation to receive full credit.


    Members of the team

    Define the type of energy you will experiment with.

    Example in real life

    Strengths of this form of energy

    Weaknesses of this form of energy

    Your experiment

    The equipment or apparatus

    The equipment in use

    The variables

    The scientific data

    Comparison with others

    What is the future of this form of energy and others into the future


    Ending slide with a summary of the project (do not use the end)

    Cite sources including music and pictures not taken by your group.


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