Piano Accompanists

  • During the spring semester here at South Middle our students are given the opportunity to prepare a solo to perform at a music festival.  Typically all solos (with the exception of percussion) are to be performed with piano accompaniment.  Use the following list of known area accompanists to get you started in your search.  It is best that you arrange times to start meeting with your accompanist at least 2 months in advance to be adequately prepared.  Unfortunately we cannot take time to focus on solos much during class instruction time.
    Each accompanist has different fees, ranging from $40 flat rate, up to $40 per rehearsal.  Please contact them for further details and to address any questions you may have. 
    The following list is not officially endorsed by Salina USD 305, but rather provided simply as a means of preliminary information to get you started on your search.
    Name Phone Email
     Judy Weber  785-342-1327    judy.weber@kwu.edu
     Gayle McMillen    785-820-0336  mcmillengc@sbcglobal.net
     Jody Weis  218-929-7277  jkfnotes@msn.com
     Sue Will  785-829-0410  
     Gina Lee    gina.lee@usd305.com
     Larry Samuelson    
     Eric Cole  785-342-6458  ericinsalina@cox.net
     Victoria Kelley  785-201-8759  
     Kay Engelland    kayengelland@hotmail.com
     Martha Suttle    jerryandmartha1@cox.net