Salina West Education Center
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    Salina, KS 67401 
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    Mission Statement

    The Salina West Alternative Program mission is to engage all students in a meaningful and measurable learning experience by providing a positive, student-centered, safe, and academically comprehensive program that is sensitive to varied learning styles.

     Program Description

                Salina West Alternative Program is another educational avenue available to students in the USD 305 district to achieve exceptional academic success and supreme growth.  The program, a non-traditional high school program, serves students from the district’s two high schools.  In a learning environment with a family atmosphere, students who may struggle in a traditional high school setting can thrive with smaller class sizes, tailored instruction, and personal attention.  Schedules are designed to allow students to take courses in math, science, English, social sciences, communications, fine arts, and a variety of electives needed to graduate. 

     Program Curriculum

    The program is based on curriculum consisting of one-on-one instruction and special projects, in addition to Edgenuity on-line course work.  The staff designs an individualized education plan for each student composed of thematic units, interdisciplinary instruction, and service learning.  Salina West is a place where individuals who might have otherwise lost their way in reaching personal goals and earning a high school diploma can find success. 

    Program Basics

                The Salina West culture is built on personalization for its students, accomplished through the formation of strong, trusting relationships between staff and students, and a learning environment that reflects the creativity and collaboration of the staff, students, and parents. Classes begin at 7:35 a.m. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday and Thursday.  There will be a Learning Enrichment Time (LET) from 2:10-2:35 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.   The average class size is 10-15 students, primarily serving grades 10-12. Students may have the option of taking classes at their home high school if approved by their home school administrator. Like the traditional high schools in USD 305, students will have a variety of options including OJT, a work experience program for seniors, and elective credits from Salina Area Technical College.

     Program Teachers

                Teachers request to become a part of Salina West Alternative Program.  Program educators embrace individual distinct abilities and welcome the chance to mentor students in a non-traditional setting.  Program teachers believe students learn best when they are engaged not only in their own learning, but in personal course and career planning as well.  The caring attitude of administration, faculty, and staff helps foster the school’s “family” environment.  Program teachers expect excellence from their students while striving to motivate students to accomplish their goals.

    Student Performance Evaluation

                Students will be evaluated by various assessments.  Assessment of learning targets are based on both formal and authentic assessment tools including, but not limited to, performance on state standardized assessments, progress made on individual student goals, performance-based authentic assessments, i.e., writing samples, oral presentations, and individualized and team projects. Throughout, our success is entrenched in finding engaging and effective learning pathways for each student.

    Expected Outcomes

                Students will demonstrate effective communication, complex thinking, problem-solving, information accessing, processing and analyzing skills.  Students will also demonstrate responsible and respectful citizenship, self-management, and effective team membership.

    Student Enrollment

              Students interested in attending Salina West Alternative Program should meet with South/Central high school counselor/principal to discuss their interest.  The counselor/principal can then share more detailed information regarding the program and share the home high school team process for recommending candidates to the program.  All program students continue to be affiliates of their home high school.  Thus, students who wish to participate in extra-curricular activities, clubs, etc. do so through their high school of record.  Upon graduation, students will receive their diplomas from their high school of record.