• Class RULES

    1. Follow Directions Immediately

    2. BE ON TIME!  With all needed supplies.

    3. Stay on task during all work time

    4. Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself. Keep your hands off other people’s property

    5. Keep all ELECTRONIC DEVICES silenced and out of sight, unless directed by the teacher

     For violoations of these Rules I will assign minor penalties. While I will enforce the rules when neccessary, I will be putting more emphsis on teaching students how to be responsible for themselves. I will stress the following traits as Guidelines for Success: Integrity, Commitment, Accountability, Honesty, Respect, and Courage to do what is right.


    General Overview:

    English I is reading, writing, and discussing the genres of literature.  The year will be divided into the units of: short stories, mythology/poetry, drama, and novels. Non-fiction will also be a part of every unit. Students will work on grammar usage, sentence structure, paragraph and thesis writing. All units will focus on the reading and writing indicators set by the state and district.


    Grading and Assessment:

    All assignments are graded on total points.
    The standard grading scale is used to determine letter value.




Last Modified on August 8, 2018