• Group 3
    Your job is to become an expert about the history of Jim Crow laws. Please read the link below. When you are finished, answer the questions provided to you. Be sure to read carefully because you will be teaching your classmates everything you know about Jim Crow Laws. 
    1. Where did the term "Jim Crow" come from? How is the origin of this term offensive? List 3 ways.
    2. How did the term "Jim Crow" become synonymous with the segregation laws in the South?
    3. What are some of the ways the Jim Crow laws restricted the rights of African Americans before 1954? 
    4. Which do you think seems the worst offense and why? 
    5. Legally, African-Americans had the right to vote. How was their right to suffrage compromised? Please list 3 ways whites made it nearly impossible for blacks to vote.
    6. How did the Plessy v. Ferguson case (1896) uphold Jim Crow laws? What effect did this case have on the lives (transportation, education, social implications, etc) of southern blacks?
    7. How did World War II change America in terms of segregation?
    8. Most laws are meant to promote the general welfare or protect society from an evil. Did Jim Crow laws serve these purposes? If so, how? If not, what was their purpose?
Last Modified on March 30, 2015