• Group 5,
    Your job is to become an expert on the Great Depression. Read through the links provided, and then answer the questions below. Be sure to read carefully because you will be teaching your classmates everything you know about the Great Depression.
    Use this website for the first 4 questions.
    Use this website for the last questions.
    1. What is "Black Tuesday" and why does it mark the beginning of the Great Depression?
    2. Many people believe that WWII marked the end of the Great Depression. How did the war affect the economy?
    3. What president was inaugurated in 1933? What were some of the changes made by this administration?
    4. What was the New Deal? How did the New Deal affect American citizens? 
    5. What was the Dust Bowl? 
    6. How did the Dust Bowl affect the Southern Plains?
    7. What affect did the Dust Bowl have on agriculture? How would this affect farmers and their employers? 
    8. Given what you learned about the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl, make a prediction about what you think the setting of To Kill A Mockingbird will look like. What will the houses look like? What will the characters be wearing? How will the characters act towards each other? How will Scout's classmates act toward Scout knowing that her father is a lawyer? 
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