• The final unit of the year covers the novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. For a PDF version to read online click here. To listen to the audio version online click here.
    —This is a highly independent/ self-paced unit. Here is the Reading Calendar & Due Dates. It has all of the DUE DATES for the rest of the year. Students will choose to
    —Read on their own
              Read in 2-—4 person group
    Read in a small, teacher-led group
    —Students are in charge of your learning and understanding, just like they will be as an adult. As a teacher my job is to be a resource, add clarification and guidance as questions occur.
    Students must be respectful of others around them as they read and work.
    Grades for this unit will come from:
    —Novel Quizzes
    —Use as study guides
    —May turn in early but NOT LATE!! ( see calendar)
    —Character Analysis Writings
    —3 paragraphs
    —Scout at the Beginning, Middle, End- should show change throughout the story
    —Set days to work (see calendar)
    —Mockingbird Notebook: DUE May 12/13
    —5 categories
    —You must do one assignment from each category, total points must come to 95
    —Any additional assignments completed will be enrichment points (There is a possibility of earning up to 140 additional points!!).
    —You will need to be working on assignments throughout the unit. ( Don't wait until the last minute to get started!!)
Last Modified on April 21, 2015