• hailey
    Name:  Hailey Chapman
    Email: haileymchapman@yahoo.com
    Staff Position: Editor
    Grade: Senior, class of 2016
    Hailey is a senior at Salina High School South and participates in volleyball, softball, yearbook, and newspaper. Hailey is the $w@gge$t editor to ever walk through the doors of room 413. Hailey is an avid honey bun enthusiast and aspires to be a disney princess, but if that fails, she plans to go to college for journalism and she also plans to play softball.
    Name:  Nathan Endreshak
    Email:  nathanendreshak@students.usd305.com
    Staff Position:  Design Editor
    Grade: Senior, class of 2016
    Nathan is the real OG design editor of the Tripodium. He has preserved his virginity by excelling at magic and theatre! He wants to become an actor in the future because he enjoys crying himself to sleep.
    Name:  Jade McDaniel
    Email:  jademcdaniel@students.usd305.com
    Staff Position:  Co-Copy Editor
    Grade: Senior, class of 2016
    Jade is a senior enjoying her last year at Salina South. She participates in Lab Chicks, Salina Youth Symphony, and is the drum major of the marching band. She spends most of her time outside of school working at the customer service desk at Dillons. Jade is attending the University of Toledo next year to major in pharmaceutical sciences. Most importantly, she is an avid fan of Dr. Pepper and century gothic.
    Name:  Cheyenne Burns
    Email:  cheyenneburns@students.usd305.com
    Staff Position:  Business Manager
    Grade: Senior, class of 2016
    Name:  Kasey Renshaw
    Email:  kaseyrenshaw@students.usd305.com
    Staff Position: Co-Copy Editor
    Grade: Junior, class of 2017
    Name:  Logan Maxwell
    Email:  loganmaxwell@students.usd305.com
    Staff Position:  Staff Reporter
    Grade:  Junior, class of 2017

    Name:  Emily Spracklin
    Email:  emilyspracklin@students.usd305.com
    Staff Position:  Staff Reporter
    Grade:  Junior, class of 2017
    "Few people have ever actually seen me at South High"
    Name:  Viviana Garcia
    Email:  vivianagarcia@students.usd305.com
    Staff Position:  Staff Reporter
    Grade:  Junior, class of 2017
    Viviana, a.k.a. Vivi, is a junior at Salina South High School. She is a manager for the boys soccer team and a player for the girls soccer team. Vivi is also a staff member for the Tripodium. She enjoys long walks to her bed and procrastinating everything.


      Elaine Stineman
    Email:  elainestineman@students.usd305.com
    Staff Position:  Staff Reporter
    Grade:  Junior, class of 2017

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