Salina High School Central commits to allowing students to drive the IEP and the transition assessment process through engaging in person-centered planning, which will allow the IEP team to support each student and his or her family by building upon the students capacity to engage in community life by honoring his or her preferences, choices, and abilities, determine post-secondary goals, develop relevant learning experiences (instruction) and transition services, identify supports (linkages) needed to accomplish post-secondary goals, and evaluate if the instruction and supports provided were successful -  with the ultimate goal of facilitating a lifetime of self-determination that is fostered while the student is in high school. This will be done through the use of informal and formal transition assessments following the policies below. 
    General Policy:
       Student is invited to the IEP meeting (student initials notice of meeting)
       Student participates in his or her IEP during each year of attendance at Central
       Measurable post-secondary goals in education/training, employment, and independent living
       Measurable post-secondary goals will be derived from age appropriate transition assessments
       Transition supports and activities must directly align to post-secondary goals
       Annual IEP goals reflect needs identified through transition assessments
       Completion of the transition plan, including current transition activities, coordinated transition activities, summary of previous years activities, and a multi-year course of study
       Completion of age of majority section at age appropriate time (one year prior to 17th birthday)
       Completion of Summary of Performance upon completion of graduation requirements 


    Education, Employment, Independent Living:
    Independent Living:




    9th Grade:

       Each student takes an Introductory Career Pathway Course      

       All students are given at least 1 informal career assessment/inventory in addition to completing the Career Matchmaker assessment via Career Cruising. 

    • Study Skills Inventory 

    • Learning Styles Inventory 

       Use interests to plan for elective classes, coordinated transition services, course of study, etc. 



    10th Grade:

    • Self-Advocacy Inventory

    • Self-Determination Inventory

       Revisit Career Interest Inventory results from 9th grade, complete the rest of the Career Matchmaker Assessment (Career Cruising)

       If interested in a pathway, meeting set up with Michelle Post or Deb Kohn

       Discuss and explore Volunteer Connections and complete application if interested

       Discuss SATC, take department math assessment, complete referral, SATC application, take COMPASS test

       Start discussion of obtaining Drivers License/identifying public transportation

       Course of Study: For college bound students course of study needs to include Math courses through Algebra 2



     11th Grade:

       Students in Career Class or Work Release - Employer/On the Job Inventory/Assessment, Self-Evaluation

    • Study Skills Inventory

    • Job Skills Inventory (including job specific and soft skills)

       Affirm career interest from 9th & 10th grade or re-assess if interest has changed

       Review admission criteria for post-secondary schools of interest, schedule visit

       2 or 4 year college bound students: Register to take to take ACT during the current academic year (get fee waiver from counseling if appropriate)

       If taking ACT, explore taking an ACT prep course, register or use e2020, possible study skills class

       For appropriate students, discuss Project Search, invite Ardis to IEP meeting

       Make referral to Vocational Rehabilitation

       Visit with parents about how to obtain guardianship if appropriate

       Revisit Volunteer Connection, complete application if interested or pursuing a pathway

       Connect with Kansas Work Force



    12th Grade:

    • Self-Advocacy Questionnaire

       Other Inventories/Questionnaires as appropriate

       Completion of Resume, References, Cover Letter (through English 4 classes)

       Schedule meeting with counselor to learn about how to request transcript, review scholarships, etc.

       Take ACT for 2nd time (early in the year)

       Apply for scholarships (counseling website, announcements, etc.)

       Review admission criteria for post-secondary schools of interest, schedule visit

       Complete college applications and other admittance tests

       Complete FAFSA

       Register for selective service

       Register to vote

       Obtain Drivers License/ID Card

       Re-Visit Volunteer Connection, complete application if appropriate

       Explore Kancare or some other type of health insurance

       Connect Kansas Work Force to pursue work ready certificate

       Attend Income Tax, Budgeting, etc. workshops offered through Kansas Work Force

       Summary of Performance

       Give student extra copy of summary of performance and IEP to give to college attending

       Research selected colleges student services, provide contact information to student



    Independent Living/Autonomy Inventory/Assessments:

    One assessment to be given in 9th grade and one additional assessment to be given during grades 10-12; use to help select electives, talk with family about independent living, family goals for the student, etc.


    Parent Input:

    Two assessments given to the parent over the course of the students 9th-10th grade years


    Formal Assessment:

    At time of 3 year re-evaluation



    Agency Contacts:

    Voc Rehab: 901 Westchester Drive, Salina, KS 67401
    Saline County: Brandy Gillespie - 785-826-8000 ext. 206
    Dickinson County: Debra Cox - 785-826-8000 ext. 284 

    Transition Notification Referral for Vocational Rehabilitation Services
    Kansas Workforce: 203 N. 10th Street, Salina KS 67401 785-827-0385
    Whether you're looking for that perfect job, that perfect employee or information on an industry or workforce, KANSASWORKS is for you.
    Volunteer Connection: 239 N. Santa Fe Ave, Salina KS 67401 785-823-3128
    The mission of The Volunteer Connection is to mobilize volunteers of all ages to address community needs through meaningful volunteer service, thereby enabling community service entities to enhance their services through optimal utilization of volunteers.
    Lawyers for obtaining guardianship: CLARK, MIZE & LINVILLE, CHARTERED
    Clark, Mize & Linville, Chartered is a full-service law firm with offices in Salina and Lindsborg. The firm has been in existence since 1946 and consists of twelve attorneys who provide a broad range of legal services. Eric N. Anderson, Joshua C. Howard and Jacob E. Peterson assist clients with guardianships and conservatorships, estate planning, special needs trusts, probate and trust administrations, and many other matters. Eric, Josh, and Jake often work with parents whose children recently turned 18 and wish to continue caring for their children as their guardians and conservators. They also frequently prepare a broad range of estate planning documents, including special needs trusts to specially provide for individuals with disabilities.
    129 S. Eighth St.
    P.O. Box 380
    Salina, KS 67402-0380
    Telephone: (785) 823-6325
    Project Search: Salina Regional Health Center, 400 S. Santa Fe Ave, Salina KS 67401
    Project SEARCH is a business-based transition program for young adults with developmental disabilities, that is partnered with Salina Regional Health Center.
    Ardis Bryan - Project SEARCH instructor
    McPherson County Community Developmental Disability Organization:                                                                          McPherson County has seven MR/DD service providers: Choices Network Inc., Disability Supports of the Great Plains (DSGP), Mosaic, Multi-Community Diversified Services (MCDS), New Beginnings of McPherson, Inc. (NBOMI), ResCare Newton (TCM only) and Stairs, LLC (TCM only). If you would like to tour any of the Providers, feel free to contact the McPherson County CDDO 620-245-5211.
    McPherson County Service Provider Choice Form 


    KanCare: 1-866-305-5147                                                                                                                                                         Kancare is the program through which the State of Kansas administers Medicaid.  The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) and the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services (KDADS) administer KanCare within the State of Kansas.


    OCCK: 1710 W. Schilling Road, PO Box 1160, Salina KS 67401 1-800-526-9731                                                                 OCCK is a not-for-profit Kansas corporation dedicated to helping people with physical or mental disabilities remove barriers to employment, independent living, and full participation in their communities.  The organization has been in operation since 1970. Today over 250 OCCK employees from diverse educational and professional backgrounds pool their wide-ranging talents to build communities where everyone belongs.

    Disability Planning Organization of Kansas (DPOK):                                            http://www.dpok.com/dpok/DPOK%20Services%20Guide-7%2022%2014.pdf


    Working Health/Social Security Benefits: 
    Earl Williams 
    Benefits Specialist 
    FAX: 785-291-3723 
    Email: Ewilliams@kdheks.gov  
    900 SW Jackson, RM 900N 
    Topeka, KS  66612