General Information

  • Salina South Middle School Intramural Program
    Image Program Purpose:

    * To provide healthy activities for recreational purposes.
    * To stimulate an interest in “getting involved” at school and to “be a part of something”. 
    * To provide an opportunity to learn the value of sportsmanship & cooperation.
    * To provide an opportunity to make social contacts and friendships outside of the classroom.
    * To get our school involved more with the community.

    How Often is It Offered:

    *There are 4-6 week sessions offered yearly.  One each quarter. 
    *Activity choices vary per quarter.
    *Days the program is offered is based on enrollment.

    Inclement Weather:  Image

    *If an outdoor activity is planned and the weather prevents us from doing it students will remain at
    SMS inside for an alternative activity.  Parents of off campus groups will be notified for alternate pick up in this case via text message.

    Transportation Information:   image

    *Some activities will require students to leave campus.  In this event parents shall plan to pick up students at the event location instead of the school at 3:45PM. 
    *Students will be transported by a school vehicle and must have permission form on file.
    *For on campus activities students should be picked up by the flagpole at the front of South Middle School at 3:45pm. 

    3 Strikes and You're Out Policy:  

    *All program participants will follow the 3 strikes and you’re out policy unless there is a major behavioral infraction.

    *Strikes are given for any behavioral issues as well as unexcused absences & tardiness.  Students are expected to be ready to go no later than 2:50pm.

    *Students strikes start over each quarter.  

Last Modified on August 10, 2018