• My name is Chris Brochtrup, a graduate from Kansas Wesleyan University. I am currently attending Kansas State University Mster's program for Special Education. I was a Paraprofessional the previous 3 years at Heusner Elementary School while I worked to obtain my Kansas Teaching License. I am also involved in extracurricular activitis with Salina South High School. I am an assistant coach on the football team, I am an assistant Boys Swim coach and the High Jump coach for Track & Field. it is my duty to provide a Safe learning environment for my students, provide an Honorable education system, and strive for student Success.
    Throughout the school year we will have an alternating class schedule with Green and Gold days. Below are the classes per each day.
    Green Days

    1 - Math

    3 – Plan/PE

    5 – English

    7 – Plan/Music & Move

    Gold Days

    2 – Reading

    0 - Plan 

    4 – ELO

    6 – Social Studies

    8 – Science 

    *Please be aware. If there are days that are missed/canceled, we will have an alternative day which includes all 8 periods in one day.
    Please, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask! My contact information is located on the "Welcome" tab.