GENERAL OVERVIEW: This course introduces the design process to students through completion of projects in the areas of architectural drafting & Design. The use and understanding of the computer and software as design tools will also be stressed. Being able to express one’s self visually and having an understanding of design and graphics are part of the basis for both architecture and engineering. Understanding how to use the computer with AutoCAD software, interfacing their designs with CNC machines, 3-D printers, laser cutting/engraving machines, and various hand tools to produce finished products are skills now demanded at the professional level. Through instruction in the areas of sketching, principles and elements of design, drafting, computer graphics, and prototyping, students learn to develop and understand not only the scientific theory and facts within the engineering, manufacturing and architectural fields, but also the aesthetic and artistic views.



    COURSE DESCRIPTION: In Introduction to Engineering Design (IED) students are introduced to the engineering design process, applying math, science, and engineering standards to identify and design solutions to a variety of real problems.  They will work both individually and in collaborative teams to develop and document design solutions using engineering notebooks, 3D software, and prototyping soft and hardware.

Last Modified on August 16, 2017