• Salina South High Robotics
     BEST: Boosting Engineering Science and Technology (Robotics Competition)
    • Started in 1993 in Texas by two engineers
    • Purpose is to encourage interest in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) and increase the number of college graduates in engineering, science and technological fields
    • Over 30 hubs in the United States (Wichita State University is the sponsor of the Kansas HUB)
    General BEST Facts
    •  Teams are given a specific scenario/problem and are tasked with solving the problem by strategizing and building a robot in 6 weeks.
    • All teams are given, free of charge, the same sets of supplies. Supplies include motors, servos, game controller, computer software, plywood, PVC pipe and fittings, sheet metal, aluminum block, screws, brackets, etc.
    • Teams are required to maintain an engineering notebook in which students track research of the problem, analysis of ideas to solve the problem, evaluation of prototypes and demonstrate how final decisions were made and improved
    • If participating in the BEST award competition, students also develop marketing strategies to include t-shirts and other brand development, and information booth for competition day and a presentation to a board of directors in which students attempt to convince the board to invest in their robot.
    • Top 4 Kansas teams earn the right to compete in the Regional competition in Fort Smith, Arkansas.
    Kansas BEST
Last Modified on December 8, 2016