2016 BEST Competition
    Pay Dirt Competition
     Teams were challenged to build a robot which could maneuver and repair an underground mine, and retrieve valuables from said mine. The robot had to be able to repair an air filtration system, and broken pipes. The robot then had to retrieve various commodities from the mine and bring them back to boxes in the starting area.
    The teams were required to repair an air filtration system on sub-level 1, the replacement air filter was supplied in a spare parts rack. In order to be scored the replacement air filter had to be completely inside the air filtration system. The teams then had to fix the broken pipe on sub-level 2 with the replacement pipe from the spare parts rack. In order to be scored, the replacement pipe had to cover the entirety of the tape on top of the broken pipes on the platform. After the repairs were finished, the teams were asked to retrieve commodities from inside the mine. By rotating a support beam, teams could gather coal from sub-level 1. Also on sub-level 1 teams could get magnetite (iron ore) by rotating a tube containing the game pieces. On sub-level 2 the teams could "dig" for Brauxite (aluminum ore) and retrieve some Chalcopyrite (copper ore) in an abandoned cart, though it's wheels were rusted off. On sub-level 3, teams could fight over the 8 pieces of spodumene (lithium crystals) on a lithium tower. Other resources the teams could mine were aggregate (limestone) on sub-level 1 and core samples on sub-level 3. The points obtained for each commodity changed based on real-life market shifts. Over-mined commodities were scored less based on how over-mined it was. Under-mined commodities were scored more based on how under-mined it was.
    How They Did
    We were in 3rd place going into the semi-finals. During the semi-finals a motor controller went bad, leading to catastrophic failure and inability to maintain the placing in the semis.
Last Modified on December 12, 2016