• Lakewood Middle School's Announcements for Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019
    • Starting this month, the library will feature a Maker of the Month activity.  This month's activity is Origami!  Students are welcome to come in during free time to make your best origami creations to be featured on your Library Twitter page!  If you have questions, stop by the Library to talk to Mrs. Kinion.  We can't wait to see your creations.
    • Backpacks and jackets are not allowed in the classroom.  Studenets please make sure they stay in your locker.
    • Students if you bring snacks make sure they are personal size, other wise we will be taking them and you will get it back at the end of the day.
    • It is your responsibility  to pick up the breakfast and lunch room.  Please put items on the share table that you are not going to eat or drink.
    • No running in the hallways, walk with a purpose.
    • Students must sit at the table for the teacher they are assigned.
    • Tables and the areas around the tables need to be cleaned up.
    • Food should not be thrown in the lunchroom.  Things to remember:  Do not flip, do not toss, do not throw your food.
    • Students should not be eating in line.
    • Gum needs to be thrown away before leaving the classroom.
    • Do not take food back to the classroom.
    • Ear buds or headphones need to be put away when you walk into the school.  They cannot be worn around the neck.
    • All coats need to be in your locker first thing in the morning.  Also hoodies may be worn but the hood  must not be on your head
    • Fellowship of Christian athletes meet every Wednesday morning in Room 325, come and see what we are about.
    • Students need ot walk on the east side ging to Ohio, not on the west side.  Make sure to use the crosswalk to cross Ohio street.  The reason for crosswalks is to safely walk across the street.  Remember it is dark outside and you cannot be seen when you dart across the street.
    • Students if you are dropped off at the circle behind Orchelan's please use the crosswalk. 
    • Please stay out of  the street and on the sidewalk.  Stop playing in the streets.
    • No necking at school  
    • Students are not to leave class during the first 10 minutes or last 10 minutes of class. These are "No Fly Zone" times.  Make sure you always walk on the right side of the hallway
    • Phones need to be turned off and put away first thing in the morning.
    • Studenets please do not throw tennis balls or other objects into traffic or cars after school.
    • Mustang Pride for Today - Inspire Greatness:  Fill your mind with positive energy only.  You cannot expect to recieve greatness while viewing the rest of the world in a negative manner.  So live, love and realese only good vibes.

    Lunch for today:  Turkey and Noodles

    Have a great Mustang Day!

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