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    2016 Survey Results 

    The mid-November to early December 12- to 15-minute telephone survey of a random sample of 400 patrons (heads-of-households and registered voters) in the Salina USD 305 District results indicated the presence of an engaged, very interested and generally satisfied patron community.
    • The questions and topics that were repeated from the previous year saw little to no change, meaning the grades were still mostly positive. 
    • In terms of new topic areas, the district received high marks for its progress on the 2014 bond issue projects and, just as importantly, on how it's providing information on that subject.
    • The scores are also encouraging for the district's new app, both in terms of awareness and (among those who were aware) downloading and utilization.
    While the overall results continue to be positive there is always room for improvement. Information from the survey will be used to fine-tune district efforts to meet the needs and expectations of the Salina community. Special thanks to all who participated. 

     Highest Scoring Areas

    • District's efforts to provide a safe environment
    • How welcome patrons feel when visiting a school in the district
    • Quality of school facilities
    • Performance of district teachers
    • District's efforts to provide a drug-free environment
    • Quality of education 
    Patrons' overall evaluation of the District's performance indicated they value and respect the work being done with students. Twelve out of eighteen relationship factors (plus the district's "overall" performance) received a "B" or better. 

    Areas of Greatest Strength 

    • Teachers
    • Education/curriculum
    • Facilities 
    Patrons surveyed were provided open-ended opportunities to share their views on the District's strengths and areas where improvement is needed. Areas of greatest strength are listed above. When asked areas that need improvement, "Don't know" was the most common response. This means that a large segment of individuals do not have any concerns that are top of mind. Those who did have suggestions most frequently mentioned "overcrowding", "managing money" and "listening to patrons."

     More Survey Outcomes

    Top Challenges: Patrons were asked what they thought are the top challenges facing the District over the next 10 years. Two top results included "finances/funding" and "hiring/retaining good teachers."
    Bond Progress: Survey respondents expressed a high degree of satisfaction with the level of progress on the 2014 bond projects and the district's performance keeping residents updated.
    Mobile App: The survey revealed a solid awareness of the mobile app. 
    Early Childhood Education: Participants were asked to share their support or opposition to three different types of Early Childhood Education programs. Support for the idea remained positive and mostly unchanged since the 2015 survey. 
    Awareness of the Chromebook Initiative: Respondents' combined "Very aware/Somewhat aware" results (slightly less than half of those surveyed) remained statistically identical to the 2015 survey. Of those who were aware, the feeling about the Chromebook Initiative appears to be quite positive. Thirty-one percent replied that they "very much so" considered it a success and 56 percent replied "somewhat" a success. 
    Awareness of Safety Initiatives, Emergency Plans and Items Related to School SafetySeventy-nine percent of survey respondents indicated an awareness of these efforts.
    Online Enrollment:  Current student families surveyed reported that 65 percent of them used online enrollment for the 2016-17 school year. 
    Standards Referenced GradingOf current families surveyed with children in K-grade 5, 100 percent of the responses indicated understanding of the grading system. Specifically, seventy-two percent said they understood their child's performance as measured through the district's Standards Referenced Grading System "Very well" and an additional 28 percent said they understood it "Well." 
    The 2016 telephone survey was conducted on behalf of the School District by Patron Insight, Inc., Stilwell, Kansas, to determine patron views on the district's performance and other issues. To ensure statistically reliable data the sample size included 400 randomly selected registered voters, heads-of-households and balanced by geographic location. The margin of error is +/- five percent. Demographic information collected included geographic area of the School District, age, gender, length of time as a resident of the District and parent/guardianship of a past, current or future students or of a private school student.
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