Mrs. Lytton - Algebra 1

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Phone: (785) 309-3700


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About Me

I was born in Wisconsin and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska. Yes, I am a Husker fan. After graduating from a private college in Nebraska, I began my teaching career in Kansas and have been here ever since. I have taught P.E., Health, Driver Education, Video Production and all levels of math from 7th grade through 12th. I have coached volleyball, basketball, track, soccer, gymnastics, dance and cheer, with my favorites being volleyball and cheer. I teach Algebra 1 at South. When I am not teaching you will find me walking my dog, reading, or playing my guitars. My other interests are kayaking, hiking, swimming, and just being outdoors. #CougarPride


Classroom Phone: 785-309-3794   Room #:  1310

Best time to contact: Before school, or during my plan time. Email works BEST (anytime), I will follow up with a phone call if needed.


Green Day ("A" days)                                       Gold Day ("B" days)
Block    Time                                                    Block         Time
1          7:45 - 9:05                                          2              7:45 - 9:05
3          9:11 - 10:28   PLAN                              4              9:11 - 10:28
5          10:34 - 12:24                                      6              10:34 - 12:24
7          12:30-1:48                                          8              12:30-1:48   PLAN
ELO      1:54-2:40                                            ELO          1:54-2:40