What you missed us cover in class:


    Wednesday  10/3

    Spending Multiplier Simulation

    MPC and MPS

    Spending Multiplier Equation


    Consumption Function Graph/Equation


    Friday 10/5

    Practice Problems- Mod 16

    Aggregate Demand- graph and reasons downward sloping

    Great Depression and Recession articles


    Wednesday 10/10

    Discuss Negative Demand Shock Recessions

    Mod 16/17 Questions

    Mini-Quiz: Module 16 and 17


    Friday 10/12

    Short-Run Aggregate Supply (SRAS)- why upward sloping?

    Long Run Aggregate Supply (why vertical?)

    Reccessionary vs Expansionary Gaps

    Laissez-Faire and Self-Correction

    Keynesian Fiscal Policy 


    Tuesday 10/16

    Review SRAS and LRAS slopes

    Practice AD/AS graphs- self correction

    Pratcice Problems- AD/AS

    Explain Extra Credit Opps


    Monday 10/22

    Expansionary vs Contractionary Fiscal Policy- Vocab

    Discretionary Fiscal Policy vs Automatic Stabilizers

    Shifts of SRAS and Stagflation

    Quiz Review Game