What you missed us cover in class:



    Friday 11/17

    Budget Balances and the National Debt 

    Monetary Policy- Expansionary and Contractionary 

    Milton Friedman- anatomy of a crash 


    Tuesday 11/21

    Money, Output, and Prices in the Long Run



    Tuesday 11/28

    Classical Model of the Price Level

    Inflation Tax

    Cost-Push and Demand-Pull Inflation

    Output Gaps and Unemployment 

    Short-Runs Phillip Curve

    Shifts/Movement ALong SRPC


    Thursday 11/30

    Long Run Phillips Curve

    Zero-Bound and Liquidity Trap

    History of Econ Thought Intro



    Monday 12/4

    Review for Sec 6 Quiz


    Wed 12/6

    Sec 6 Quiz


    Friday 12/8

    Current and Financial Account

    Capital Flows

    Exchange Rates