• game day

    Back Row:  Mrs. Cairns, Jason Nguyen, Patrick Staley, Mr. Lesser

    Front Row:  Jacob Wilcox, Aum Patel

    2017 BEST Competition

    CrossFire Competition2


    Teams were challenged to build a robot which could rescue "Manny the Maniquien," removed the "chemical drums" (Paint cans) from the HOT ZONE and finally extinguish the fire (Plastic Cups) with projected water (practice plastic golf balls).  It was the first time that BEST Robotics challenged teams to build a robot that could project objects as part of the game.

     game field

    Our Performance

     We had a fast robot with an effective front loading arm and thus achieved the 2nd fastest "Manny Rescue Time" in the Preliminary Rounds (21 seconds) and the FASTEST "Manny Rescue Time in the Semifinals (19 seconds!).  We were in 4th place going into the semifinal rounds and fully expected to once again earn a bid to Ft. Smith Arkansas when two screws sheared off the motor mount apparatus for the arm.  Because the rounds in the semifinals are back to back with no time for repairs, we were forced to use duck tape to attempt a fix.  In the end, we were not able to score as many points as we did in the semifinals and ended up in 7th place overall for robot performance.  Click HERE for a complete listing of results.

    Pictures from the compeition

     group selfie 2 2.1 3

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