• Senior Internships


    Mr. Nutter's Medical Intern Rotation students signing out for their 1st day of internship. Exciting!  
    Mr. Nutter's Medical Intern Rotation class students signing out for their first day out to internship. 


    Students have the opportunity to participate in semester long internships during their senior year. Internships are available to students who have completed met prerequisite requirements. Currently  internships are available in Career, Career and Community, Teaching, Culinary and Health Care.

    The Medical Internship Rotation class is the capstone class for 12th grade students in the Health Sciences pathway. Through a shared partnership with the Salina Chamber of Commerce, students have the opportunity to experience three separate health-related careers during either the fall or spring semester. Through this connection, students are placed in the field to observe in almost every health related career field. In association with classroom time, students are provided experiences that help in their choosing the direction for post-high school education and careers.

Last Modified on March 12, 2018