• Miss Lindsay's Elements of Acting Class
    Speak the Speech Vocal Warmup
    Show Evaluation (Word version if you want to type out your evaluation.) 
    You can also email your evaluation to Miss Lindsay at kate.lindsay@usd305.com.
    Show Evaluation  (pdf file - to print and write out your evaluation.)
    Quiz 1 - Break-a-Leg, Build, Cheat, Climax, Delivery, Dialogue, Gesture, Improvise, Monologue, Pantomime
    Quiz 2 - Cast, Company, Cover, Debut, Foreshadowing, Green Room, House, Pace, Plot, Thespian
    Quiz 3 - Antagonist, Atmosphere, Audition, Callback, Comedy, Freeze, Motivation, Project, Protagonist, Tragedy
    Quiz 4 - Apron, Blocking, Catwalk, Countercross, Cross, Curtain Calls, Dress the Stage, Dressing Room, Entrance, Exit, Fourth Wall, Give (Give Stage), Offstage, Open Up, Proscenium, Running Crew, Share, Steal a Scene, Strike, Wings.  This quiz also includes the two diagrams - Stage Body Positions and Stage Areas.
    Quiz 5 - Ad Lib, Aside, Bit Part, Call, Cue, Hold, Pick Up Cues, Places, Props, Timing
    Quiz 6 - Extra, Hit, Ingenue, Juvenile, Playwright, Principals, Script, Stage Whisper, Top It, Type Cast
    Quiz 7 - Callboard, Director, Double Cast, Dress Rehearsal, Matinee, Readthrough, Run, Sight Cue, Stage Manager, Upstage
    Quiz 8 - Blackout, Butterflies, Dresser, House Manager, Intermission, Lead, Mask, Open, Scene, Understudy
    RUBRIC for scenes
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