• Ms. Lindsay's Rep. Theatre Class
    Rep. Theatre AUDITION INFO for 2018-2019 
    Permission Form (for field trips and it also allows students to drive / ride with sponsors, etc.)
    PERMISSION FORM – For Rep. Theatre, Tech Theatre, and maybe even Theatre Arts students (and ELO) – in order to have permission to drive for class/theatre projects, the attached permission slip must be signed and returned before you can do so. It also allows permission for students to ride with an approved adult such as Miss Lindsay or another sponsor. NOTE – by ‘Mode of Transportation’ – you can check more than one box. 
    Emergency Medical Release Form (for field trips such as State Conference and NYC!) -- requires a notary signature
    EmgMedAuth Form – this is the Emergency Medical Release Form – this is only needed for trips such as State Conference and the NYC trip. Mainly this form is needed for any overnight trips. However, it doesn’t hurt to have this form on file for regular theatre activities. NOTE – if you already have one on file in the office for another sport/activity, you do NOT need to complete another form. Just make sure I have a copy of it. 



    Class Syllabus
    Speak the Speech Vocal warm-up       
    Show Evaluation (Word version if you want to type out your evaluation.)
    You can also email your evaluation to Miss Lindsay at kate.lindsay@usd305.com.
    Show Evaluation (pdf file - to print and write out your evaluation.)
    Character Analysis Worksheet - C.R.O.W. Sheet


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