• Hi! My name is Kurt Wolf. I grew up on a farm just outside Bennington, Ks. I graduated college in 1984 from Bethany College in Lindsborg, Ks. I started my teaching career from 1984 till 1989 at Bushton/Holyrood/Lorraine Quivira Heights and then moved on to teach and coach at Great Bend High School until the year 1998. From there I moved to Salina and have been teaching here at Salina High School South ever since. I am married to my wife Christine, a nurse at SRHC, and I have three daughters Tiffany, Jenna , and Tessa and 2 grandchildren, Kingston and Krimson . I teach 4 blocks of Art 1 classes, 1 section of 3-D, 1 section of Advanced 3-D  and I oversee the AP Studio Art program as well. I love to see the creative processes in action and I learn on a daily basis from my students all the time. I always wake up with great anticipation to what amazing things our Art students can create each day. My biggest thrill is actually seeing our students out in public working, creating, belonging to a greater community and giving a little of themselves back to the people around them.

Last Modified on August 11, 2016