Lyric Cairns
    Science Teacher
    Phone:  309-3674
    Classroom:  2310
    Subjects:  Physics, AP Physics, PBD
    Best times to contact me are:
    During my Planning Period
    (7:45-9:05 on Green Days & 10:34-12:24 on Gold Days)
    Get to know me:
    I started teaching in 1987 at Central High School and have taught Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Earth Science, Physical Science, Physics and even Biology.  My favorite subjects are Physics, Chemistry and Earth Science!!  I truly see the world through the eyes of a scientist.  If I break a pyrex plate by letting it sit on my still hot stovetop and heat unevenly, I think "Wow--that is a great example of bonds breaking!"  If I see a particularly beautiful sunset, I think "Light refraction sure is a gift." And as I turn the corner on Belmont after a rain I think "Better slow down because the coefficient of static friction is less than normal!"  I strive to bring my science enthusiasm to the classroom and help students see that science is not a boring textbook subject, but instead a vibrant and alive reality that surrounds us daily!

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    "In the matter of physics, the first lessons should contain nothing but what is experimental and interesting to see. A pretty experiment is in itself often more valuable than twenty formulae extracted from our minds."  Albert Einstein
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