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    Gifted Education Services
    Grades 6-8 
     Dee Wann Eberhart 
     Gifted Education Facilitator
    Phone: 785.309.4061
    A gifted education facilitator and consultant since 1986, my passion is empowering all students, especially those specifically identified as "gifted", with the tools, skills and courage to step out of the box and up to the plate presented to them in life. Often it is said of gifted students, "They can do anything they want. They will make it on their own and don't need any help." The latter is simply not a true statement. Agreed, every student I officially serve has a very strong ability in at least one area, sometimes a few and on occasion, many. Most might even do "OK" on their own. However, none are born with all the skills and tools they will need to maximize their potential.
    Every one of us needs a mentor to guide the way, seeing our needs and desiring to help meet those needs. That is why I do what I do. I am not so much a teacher, although I do some teaching. I am not a counselor, although we do work with the social/emotional aspects of being human and gifted. I am the "guide on the side" for the curious and capable. My goal is to:
      1.  offer accelerated and/or enriching curriculum in the areas of students' strengths
      2.  encourage curiosity and stimulate the thought process in a variety of genre 
      3.  provide the tools needed to access, understand, and process information at higher and more in-depth levels
      4.  develop both creative and critical thinking skills needed to solve problems and improve the world around them 
      5.  provide a "safe place" for experimentation and yes, failure, as failure is a means of learning
      6.  create an environment and promote self-awareness and interpersonal skills improvement 
    More about me at http://www.usd305.com/Page/12264 
    What do we do at Lakewood Middle School?
    Central Kansas Cooperative in Education's Gifted Education Department
    The mission of the Central Kansas Cooperative in Education's Gifted Education Department is to assist the educators and administration of its twelve member districts in developing and implementing academic and enrichment opportunities which meet the needs of intellectually gifted and high ability students.  As early as 1949, Kansas was a leader in the education of students identified as “gifted.”  Gifted education services have been mandated in Kansas since 1978.   There are 9 gifted facilitators at CKCIE serving over 400 students in member districts.   


    Central Kansas Cooperative In Education Gifted Education Philosophy

    CKCIE Gifted Education Resources K-12 is committed to providing a range of educational services that meet the different learning needs of identified gifted students. Among our students are children with exceptionally strong intellectual abilities who demonstrate the potential for performing significantly beyond the standard curriculum. The gifted program will provide:
    • a range of services to address different degrees of learning needs
    • instructional strategies that allow for variation in content, product, process, or pace
    • opportunities for gifted students to work with other children who have similar cognitive abilities
    • teachers with specialized skills in gifted education
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