• Robotics is not offered this year 2016-17.
    On April 8, 2011, the South Middle School(SMS) Robotics Club competed at Ft. Hays State University's Lego Robotics Competition.  There were over 200 middle school students competing from 23 schools.  South Middle took 25 students to competition and they took home the 1st place trophy for best school this year.   In addition, the team of Noah Zajac and Ryan Zimmerman (both 7th graders) won the best overall individual team award.  Noah and Ryan won 1st place in Speed Limit, and 2nd place in both Line Follower and Maze Madness.  Also receiving medals was the third place team in Maze Madness consisting of Noah Corn, Bryce Peppers, Rory Bowell, and Logan Harner.  


    The SMS team members are Alexcis Barnes, Rory Bowell, Nathan Burke, Bryan Chihuahua, Jonathan Coleman, Noah Corn, Mason Courbot, Ben Cooper, Nathan Endreshak, Jakeb Goble, Logan Harner, Brauk Higdon, Chace LaFrance, Jacob Morrow, Bryce Peppers, Tyler Ross, Morgan Russell, Nicholas Taylor, Jacob Wood, Alissa Zajac, Ethan Zajac, Jamie Zajac, Noah Zajac, Sarah Zajac, and Ryan Zimmerman.   The team is coached by Barbara Livengood and Rick Zajac.  Student assistant is Nick Zajac from South High School.  

Last Modified on December 22, 2016