• 8th Grade South Middle Football 2017

    Late Arrival for Practice – Parents if you are dropping off your student-athlete for practice between 2:40 – 5:00 pm please contact 785-819-6521.  This number is for our custodial crew and they will let your child in the building.  For security purposes all outside doors will remain locked before, during, and after school

    Jersey #   Player Name   Position
    2   Carter Copes   QB/DB
    4   Nick Clayton   QB/LB
    8   Alex Escobedo   WR/DB
    11   Zach Davidson   WR/DB
    12   Jarrett Pittenger   QB/LB
    14   Logan Crissman   WR/DB
    20   Brandt Cox   RB/LB
    27   Ian Perez   WR/DB
    28   Jacob Scoville   WR/DB
    30   Clayton Douglass   WR/DB
    31   Jayson Adams   RB/DB
    42   Josue Escalante   RB/LB
    47   D. J. Woodard   RB/LB
    48   Mason Bettles   RB/LB
    50   Daniel Diaz   OL/DL
    51   Mason Jones   OL/DL
    55   Keegan Tiernan   OL/DL
    57   Jett Strifler   OL/DL
    58   Trey Berland   OL/DL
    59   Mathew Chard   OL/DL
    63   Shae LeFort   OL/DL
    64   Fernando Delgado   OL/DL
    68   Kayson Dietz   OL/DL
    70   Drew Nelson   OL/DL
    72   Jarrett Diederich   OL/DL
    74   Blake Royse   OL/DL
    75   Brandon Fletcher   OL/DL
    78   Kolton Ames   OL/DL
    80   Mason Hatfield   TE/LB
    81   Brandon Dinh   TE/DL



    Scott VanDeCreek

    Brian Duncan

    Dean Heckethorn


    Kenya Flesher

    Leileonna Masaniai

    Daniel-video McMullen


Last Modified on September 21, 2017