• drilltech RumbleThe Rock
    Name:  Brian Duncan
    Phone #: 785-309-3942
    Classroom: 412 Tech Lab
    Subject or Grade:  Technology Education / Industrial Arts
    Team Time: 4th Hr. 10:14-11:02
    Plan Time: 7th Hr. 1:18-2:07 
    Technology Education / Industrial Arts is a semester class.  The 1st nine weeks students will rotating through seveal modules (learning stations) paired up with a learning partner. Students will spend 7 days in each module exploring, testing, building, and gain a basic knowledge of the subject matter of the module. 
    The 2nd nine weeks of each semester students will be working with hand tools, and small power tools. Students will be constructing small hands on projects decided on by the instructor.  Several projects will be built and graded, and then students will bring them home.  See the photo gallery for project pictures.   
Last Modified on August 10, 2012