AR tests can only be taken at school, but you can access Home Connect from your home!  This is a way to check on your child's progress and see how they are doing on tests here at school.  Your child brought home a paper with their username and password, as well as instructions for how to access this program at home.  
    Please visit the AR Book finder on Home Connect or the main MLR webpage to see if a book has an AR test and what the level of the book is.  Accelerated Reader books at MLR have been coded by level to make it easier for students to find a book on their level. We put colored dots on the red AR stickers that correspond to the level of the book.  Some books are not labeled yet since we have more tests to choose from.  This is always an ongoing library project!  Always check the book finder to see if a book has a test on it! 
    .1-.9 books = Purple dots

    1.0-1.9 books = Light blue dots

    2.0-2.9 books = Green dots

    3.0-3.9 books = Yellow dots

    4.0-4.9 books = White dots

    5.0-5.9 books = Orange dots

    6.0-higher = Dark blue dots

Last Modified on October 1, 2013