Dr. Janice Cockrell - Director of Rehabilitation Medicine of Children's Hospital in Richmond, Virginia
    Class of 1964
    Justice Lawton Nuss - Kansas Supreme Court Justice
    Class of 1970
    Dr. Ted Coffman - President and Clinic Director of Chiropractic Associates Clinic in Albequerque, New Mexico
    Class of 1964
    Major Dennis Pugh - Vietnam Veteran
    Class of 1962
    Dr. Ned Garrigues - Chief of Plastic Surgery of the Naval Hospital in San Diego, California
    Class of 1964
    Dr. William Welsh - Professor of Political Science at the University of Arizona
    Class of 1957
    Bill Graves - 43rd Governor of the State of Kansas
    Class of 1971
    Dr. Steven Hawley - United States Astronaut
    Class of 1969
    Dr. Carol Kunzel - Professor at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, New York
    Class of 1964
    Dr. Virginia Ricard - First Vice President of the Girl Scouts of America
    Class of 1945
    Dr. James Surface - Educator and Educational Administrator
    Class of 1938
    Gary Haynes - Photographer and Journalist for United Press International, New York Times, and Philadelphia Enquirer
    Class of 1953
    Kenneth Rearwin - Vice President of Merril Lynch
    Class of 1931
    Dr. Martha Peterson - President Emerita of Beloit College
    Class of 1933
    Dr. Randy Groves - Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Dell Computer Corporation
    Class of 1974
    Dr. George Sheldon, MD - Chairman of the Department of Surgery, Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC
    Class of 1953
    Edmond (Ted) Q. Haggart - Bank President/Economist, Manhattan, KS
    Class of 1963
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