• Melinda Jett
    Name:  Melinda Jett
    Phone #:  785-309-3555
    Classroom:  1203
    Subject or Grade:  English 1-- Grade 9
                                  Intensive Reading Grade 9 and 11

    My primary goals for my students are to encourage and develop lifelong learners and readers, stress the importance of appreciating all different types of people and their contributions, and help develop young men and women as contributors to the world around them. Concurrently, our goals in this class are:  to understand literature through discussion, analysis, and writing, to increase vocabulary because “words have power”, to develop and improve grammar skills, to implement/reinforce effective strategies for narrative, informative, and persuasive writing, to increase reading comprehension for all types of literature, and to be better speakers and listeners.

    I am so excited to have you all in my class this year. We will travel this year together, and if at any time I can be of help to you, please come and see me. Your success, both academically and personally, is important to me. Welcome to Central High School!    Mrs. Jett