• alesser
    Name:  Mr. Adam Lesser
    Phone #:  309-3778
    Subject or Grade:  
    Earth & Space Science (Rm 2311)
    Principles of Engineering (Rm 1306)
    Engineering Development & Design (Rm 1306)
    If you need to contact me, my plan times are as follows:
    ELO A (9:23 - 10:05 on Gold Days)
    5th Block (11:05 - 1:00 on Green Days)
    I am consistently available before and after school, so please come see me if you have ANY questions! I also check my email frequently, and will answer any questions sent there. In the fall, I co-sponsor Scholar's Bowl and the robotics club. We meet regularly after school in Rm 1306 (the STEM room), so please feel free to stop by for additional help, or if you're interested in the club!
    "You never get out of Work!" - Mark Jarboe