• fluids

    This is the home page for the unit on fluids. In this unit you will learn about what a fluid is and how it will affect your life. Each of the links below will help you meet an objective of unit and will help reinforce previous objectives. When you see an image or art clip that is a link to an activity. 


    San Diego Beach   The Basics

    Objective: Students will understand the basic terms associated with fluids.


    Objective: Students will create a small boat out of aluminum foil to analyze the effects that surface area has on the amount of weight held on the floating boat.

    Kansas City Fountain     Research

    Objective: Students will apply their understanding of fluid concepts into a cooperative presentation of fluids.


      Density Tube    The Sims Day

    Objective: Students will analyze data gathered on fluid topics.


      Wright Brothers     The Wright Brothers

    Objective: Students will apply their knowledge of fluid topics to gasses.


      Hoover Dam     Fluid Project


    Objective: Students will create a video, slide presentation, PowerPoint, or another form of media on a fluid concept. The project can include but not limited to a demonstration, a fluid concept, or how fluids impact the student or the world.



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