• Fluids
    Fluid Project
     Objective: Students will create a video, slide presentation, PowerPoint, or another form of media on a fluid concept. The project can include but not limited to a demonstration, a fluid concept, or how fluids impact the student or the world.

                This final section of the fluids unit will have the students in groups create a project. On the link below you may find lists of acceptable media that can be used to create the project. A short list of ideas for topics that can be used is listed on the page. The final link is the grading rubric for this project. All projects will be submitted to the instructor for use on this website or in the classroom.

    Dam      Click on this link to access possibilities of media and possible topics.
    Dam Click this link to access the grading rubric.
    dam Email your project to the link below.    gary.goodwin@usd305.com 
Last Modified on October 24, 2012