5th Grade
    Math In Focus
    Sum Sense
    Division practice 


    Multiplication Flash Cards

    Multiplication Flash Cards

    PEMDAS Blaster
    Chapter 1
    Mystery Numbers
    Place Value Mystery Numbers

    Place Value Practice

    Place Value Practice
    rounding millionaire
    Rounding Millionaire

    5th grade practice

    Estimation, comparing and rounding numbers, Soccer Style.  Scroll to the bottom of the page to practice.


    Chapter 2

    That Quiz
    Multiplication practice
    Deep Dive Division
    Choose to practice
    the 10's, 11's, & 12's facts
    then practice your Division

    Number Monster for Long Division

    Number Monster


    Chapter 3 & 4


    Fraction Monkeys

    Simplifying Fractions


    Football Math

    Adding Fractions

     Multiply fractions
    Multiply Fractions

    Mixed Numbers

    Adding Mixed Numbers

    Dividing Fractions

    Dividing Fractions


    Mixed Add and subt.

    Adding and Subtracting
    Mixed Fractions

    Chapter 5
    Word Problem Practice
    Word Problem Practice
    Algebra Meltdown
    Chapter 6

    baseball geometry

    Area of a Triangle

    Area Triangle
    Area of a Triangle
    Chapter 7
    Ratio Blaster
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