• Electric Assessments
     Students will complete all the forms of assessment to receive full credit for this unit.
            Take the following quiz and when completed, email to gary.goodwin@usd305.com
            If you are a student of mine, access your QuizStar account and take the quiz located under your name.
            You will need to send a written reflection of a paragraph or more to your instructor by midnight on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  The reflection will explain your thoughts and discoveries while working with electric circuits.
    Concept Maps
           Email a concept map of electricity and how circuits fit into the map.  You must email 5 times throughout the unit of electricity.  In your email, you must point out your changes so the instructor can see the changes easily.
    You must use the blog on the left to post your responses to the questions supplied by your instructor or other students.  You must respond 4 days of the week with 2 responses each time.  That is a total of 8 posts per week.
Last Modified on February 20, 2013