Ms. Tess Crawford

Phone: (785) 309-4000


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Ms. Tess Crawford

7th Grade Math


"Good mathematics is not about how many answers you's about how you behave when you don't know."

- Unknown


Welcome! I am here to help you succeed!


You are in charge of your education. Please see Google Classroom for all assignments.


Remember: You are able to correct ANY assignment and hand it back in for full credit! Quizzes below 70% may be retaken after school by the following Thursday for credit up to 70%! Staple your correctiosn to the original assignment and show all work in your corrections.


Students may access the textbook online here.

username: student18701

password: mustang


Students may practice numerous math skills here.

username: students first initial and last name with no spaces or capitals @ salina (example: tcrawford@salina)

password: mustangs