The Salina South High Gay-Straight Alliance
    Our Mission Statement:

    The South High Gay-Straight Alliance welcomes all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning and straight youth to come and talk about any issues concerning them. By raising awareness of different sexual and gender identities, linking homophobia with other oppressions, and advocating for equal treatment toward all youth, our GSA will create a school environment free of harassment based on sex, age, race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity, and religion.

    Interested in joining? We meet every Tuesday at 2:45 in room 506. Students and faculty alike are welcome to join!
    If you would like to sign up to receive updates and meeting reminders from the South High GSA, please text the message @southGSA to the number 23559
    To contact us, please email salinashsgsa@gmail.com