• Program Requirements:

    To be eligible for the Salina Adult Education Center’s programs, a person must:
    • Be age 16 or older.
    • Not be enrolled or required to be enrolled in school.
    • Lack a high school diploma or have a skill level below eighth grade.
    Enrollment Requirements:
    If 16 or 17, a parent or guardian
    • If 16 or 17, compulsory attendance disclaimer forms (obtained through the school district)
    • Materials fee
    Fee Information:
    The following fees are payed one time a year unless there are issues with attendance or behavior.  The Director may require additional fees be paid upon re-entry if needed.
    $45 - ESL and ABE students
    $55 - GED students
    $65 - College skill building
    $65 -  plus a $50 refundable book deposit - Online learners 
    All fees must be paid prior to orientation or testing by cash or money order.
    GED Tests are registered through MYGED.COM at www.ged.com.  Each of the four modules cost $33 or a total of $132.  The modules may be paid for by debit or credit card or vouchers may be purchased at the SAEC office with cash or a money order.  GED tests cannot be registered or directly paid for at the desk of of our main office, only through the MYGED.COM portal.  Please ask SAEC staff for assistance with any questions!
Last Modified on November 18, 2014