•                                CKCIE Administrative Assignments/Phone Extensions


    Mary Gardner
    Coordinator 5146
    Opportunity Now
    Jeff Hayes,
    Coordinator 5202
    Sheila Mortimer
    Coordinator 5129
    Brandi Calahan
    Coordinator 5133
    Twin Valley #240
    Opportunity Now
    Abilene #435
    South H.S. #305
    Southeast of Saline #306
    Alternate Settings/ Homebound
    Lakewood Middle #305
    South M.S. #305
    Schilling #305 
    KELC/Preset/Part C to Part B
    Meadowlark Ridge #305
    Coronado #305
    Salina Private & Parochial (K-12)
    Early Childhood Liaison/COSF
    Chapman #473
    Stewart #305
    Oakdale #305
    Mental Health Consults
    Autism Department Head
    Salina Transition Programs
    18-21 Yr. Old Programs
    Sunset #305
    Project STAY & E/BD Programming
    WebKIDSS Assistant Administrator
    DLM Assessments
    Solomon #393
    Salina West #305
    Completion Program
    Jeannie Hrabe,
    Coordinator 5134
    David Thompson,
    Coordinator 5108
    Rhonda Bird,
    Assistant Director 5104
    Mike Lowers
    Executive Director 5105

    Ell-Saline #307

    School Psych/SW Department Head

    Central High #305

    CKCIE Programming & Supervision

    Cottonwood #305


    WebKIDSS Administrator

    Heusner #305

    Targeted Improvement Plan/Process/Budget

    Ellsworth #327

    Rural Vista #481

    CKCIE Human Resources & Recruitment/Hiring

    CKCIE Technology/Website

    St. Francis Campus

    IDEA File Review

    Para Supervision Orientation & Training

    CKCIE Budget/Medicaid/LEA/ MOE Reports

    Central Plains #112

    Herington #487

    Audiology Dept. (Interpreters for the Deaf), Vision Dept., and

    Assistive Technology Dept.

    Student Observers/Teachers

    EC Screenings

    Minneapolis #239

    Crisis Management Team

    Legal Issues/Handbook

    Gifted Department Head


    Records Room Department Head

    Student Observation/teachers



    Transition Programming, Project Search

    SLP Department Head



    Staff Development: Certified & Classified




    OT/PT Department Head

    Liaison to KSD



    PDC Admin. Rep.




Last Modified on February 10, 2017