Dad's Club
    The Dad’s Club is an investment Heartland Early Education has made to ensure all dads of enrolled children have special opportunities to interact with their children in special events.  In addition to father/child activities, there are also some opportunities for dads to network with other dads. 
    The Dad’s Club believes that children do best in life when they grow up with the active, positive involvement of both a mother and a father.  Whatever the measure – physical and emotional health, educational achievement, behavior, substance abuse, crime or delinquency – children are more likely to lead healthy, productive lives when both their mother and father are actively involved in their lives in positive ways.  This is because moms and dads tend to parent differently, at least in some important ways, and their complementary parenting skills and attitudes combine to give children the best environment in which to grow up healthy and successful.

    How can you get involved in planning Dad’s Club events?  Contact Darcy Cantrell at 785-309-5000 or let your Family Consultant know that you need more information.

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Last Modified on March 12, 2018