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Salina USD 305 Equity Council

  • An Equity Council has been created with the goal of strengthening our school district environment of respect, acceptance and appreciation. The group is made up of approximately 40 individuals including community members, staff and students. They are tasked with identifying challenges by reviewing data, information and feedback. The result of their work will be recommendations and strategies to the USD 305 Board of Education.

    Individuals interested in participating completed an application between April 2-19, 2018. Equity Council members will begin working during the 2018-2019 school year. 

  • Overview: November 8, 2018

    At the November meeting Equity Council members began with a review of district data. While the group had seen the data at an earlier meeting, they haven’t met since September and resulting conversations reminded the group about the makeup of the district before they began their primary work of the evening, surveys. Two separate surveys will be administered to staff and students in January. Members worked in small groups considering if the drafted questions will get at the information the group is seeking. The surveys ask about knowledge, attitudes and opinions. The Equity Council members considered four different Likert scales and decided on one. Both of the surveys are planned to be administered in early January 2019. The Equity Council will meet January 24 to review the resulting data.

    Overview: September 20, 2018

    The district Equity Council met on September 20 and reviewed various surveys, identifying questions and topics to be included in the surveys which will be administered to staff and students in early January 2019. Working in small groups, members noted and highlighted questions to be considered as the USD 305  surveys are developed. The council's next meeting will be a longer session as they review the hybrid, draft surveys that were based on the group's feedback from this meeting. The council's next meeting is set for November 8, 2018.

    Overview: August 30, 2018 Meeting

    Salina USD 305 hosted its second Equity Council meeting on Thursday, August 30. Twenty-five members attended, made up of staff, students and community eager to focus on facilitating efforts to provide students and staff with equitable experiences.

    Dr. Hardy, superintendent, and Shanna Rector, executive director administrative and student services, co-facilitated the meeting. Based on feedback from the July meeting, Dr. Hardy spoke about surveying staff and students to provide data points for the council to base their next steps upon. “A lot of ideas and questions have come forward,” said Hardy. “Next we need feedback from our staff and students to map the direction of the council.”

    To prioritize input from the July meeting, Shanna Rector led an activity for members to work in small groups. The groups reviewed the material and identified topics around which the surveys will be developed. The district expects to administer the surveys to staff and students in early 2019. The council will use the survey results and other data to determine next steps.

    The outcome of the council’s work will be recommendations for the USD 305 Board of Education. The council’s next meeting will be September 20, 2018.