Special Education
    Our staff supports students through:

    Inclusion support

    District-Wide leveled reading
    classes for all students
    Modified math
    Extended math pull out classes

    Intensive Skills pull out classes

    Small group Social skills, pull out services

    Organizational help

    Speech/language services

    Specialized E/BD services

    Positive behavioral supports

    Individualized Behavior plans
    Sensory Rooms for EB/D and Autism
    sped 3
    Department Co-Chairpersons:
    Annette Frenzl      LD                    6th 
    Jill Brown            Autism/LD         6th-8th    
    Special Education Teachers: 
    Angela Reese       LD         reading                      7th-8th
    Zoey Patrick        LD          7th/8th math         7th-8th
    Jeff McDonald     E/B                                   6th-8th               
    Mary Foster          LD                                                6th
    James Harbough   E/B                                               6th-8th
    Janelle Nelson      E/B                          6th-8th                           
    Linda Miller 
    Sheri Van DerWege  
    Jill Truelove  
    Laurie Lewis
    Morgan Palmer     
    Tiffany Cooper 
    Rhonda Keller 
    Travis Williams
    Kathy Nelson 
    Crystal DeWindt
    Jan Mattison 
    Danielle Swenson
    Emily Rowson 
     Katie Goodwin
     Helen Briscoe 
    Doug Rudick 
     Logan Adams 


    David Goodwin 

    Charles Black
    David Nelson 
    Support Personal:
    Ethan Gruen              Building Coordinator
    Tammy Demaree       Speech and Language
    James Lumley           School Psychologist
    Amy Counts              School Nurse
    Joyce Thomas           CKMHC case manager
    Connie LeSage         Social Worker
    Erica Stein               CKMHC Social Worker
    Shelly Arnold           Occupational Therapist
    Karla Arpin              Physical Therapist
Last Modified on November 19, 2012