• Mustang S P I R I T is still kickin’!

    Positive School-wide Behavior Expectations

    at Salina High School Central

    Since the 2005-06 school year, the School Climate Leadership Team--composed of teachers, administrators, students and parents--has continued to develop a comprehensive program to improve the school climate for everyone at Central High School.


    In May 2006 Central High School students, faculty and staff adopted the six school-wide positive behavior expectations found in the Mustang S P I R I T acronym--


    S - Self-discipline

    P - Preparation

    I - Integrity

    R - Respect

    I - Involvement

    T - Teamwork


    Students and staff are encouraged to learn and practice
    Mustang S P I R I T in classrooms, the hallways, the cafeteria, the concourse, the auditorium, the gyms, on the playing fields, and at Central High School activities.


    These school-wide expectations are reinforced when students are given Mustang S P I R I T tickets by staff when “caught” displaying positive behaviors.  Students can put their tickets in “pickle jars” in the main office for drawings for prizes throughout the year.  FACS teacher and School Climate Team member, Linda Brown, coordinates the securing of prizes for the drawings.  Anyone interested in helping with this effort should contact Mrs. Brown by phone (309-3596) or email at Linda.Brown@usd305.com.




    Continuing initiatives of the School Climate Team

    · Organizing the annual School Climate Retreat for program evaluation and planning purposes


    · Teaching the practice of Mustang S P I R I T in all school settings (See the Student Handbook-Planner)


    · Organizing the spring SPIRIT Leadership training event for 8th and 9th graders


    · Organizing quarterly SPIRIT “parties” during ELO, celebrating those students exhibiting positive behaviors and academic success—for example for students 1) with no tardies, 2) with no referrals, or 3) with at least 2.5 GPA—all for a specific period of time during a quarter


    · Coordinating and evaluating the giving of SPIRIT tickets to students to affirm positive behavior


    · Printing the SPIRIT acronym on the cover of the Student Handbook-Planner and in the programs of the athletic teams


    · Giving SPIRIT posters to all new teachers for their classrooms


    · Promoting the use of Mustang LIVE stage by students during lunch time


    · Using School Wide Information System (SWIS), a database to track disciplinary office referrals


    · Initiating facility improvements with private grant funding  (past examples—SPIRIT banners for parking lots, Courtyard remodeling/landscaping and Concourse furniture)
    The full School Climate Team meets regularly to review data and to keep moving forward with initiatives to make Salina Central High School a positive place for students to learn and for staff to work.  Interested students, parents, and staff are welcome to attend these meetings. 




    Anyone desiring more information about the School Climate Team and its projects should contact one of the following by e-mail or by calling the school at 309-7500:      
              Shelda Burger (Shelda.Burger@usd305.com)

              Reuben Montoy (Reuben.Montoy@usd305.com)

Last Modified on October 4, 2012