Record Bridge

    Bridge Technical Specifications

    2018 Season


    Materials: Newspaper – no other paper allowed.
    Glue: White glue – Elmer’s or School glue
               Wood glue or construction glue
               Epoxy glue for wood is allowed
    Max weight: 254.0 grams
    Weight Categories:  Heavyweight 127.1g – 254.0g
                                       Lightweight 0.0g – 127.0g
                                                   Bridges will not be stressed unless they make weight.
    Span: over 40.0 cm

    Width:  The bridge must be wide enough to support the weight that is being placed on it.  The                instructor will not support the bridge while weight or stressing of the bridge occurs.

    Guard rails:  There must be guard rails on both sides of the road bed.  They must be strong                              enough to contain the car.

     Time:  The bridge must hold a weight for 5 seconds for that weight to count.

     Car: A Hot Wheels Car must be able to drive smoothly over the entire length of the bridge.  The area            where the car crosses will be called the road bed.  The car will not hop up to the road bed.                      Ramps will need to be attached and strong enough to hold the car without support or holding                 the ends.  The ramps will be part of the weight of the bridge.
    Remember:  This a bridge and will need to function as such for hot wheel cars and very tiny                            people.
     Partners: Groups of 2 or less NO EXCEPTIONS.
Last Modified on January 2, 2018