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       Constitution is a required class for seniors at Salina Central.  It is a semester class that is taken alternately or concurrently with Economics.   The purpose of this course is to stress the development of the condition and structure of the federal government with an emphasis on the Constitution of the United States.  The class also promotes and develops responsible citizenship.
    By the end of the semester, students will be able to:

    -Trace the origins of American democracy to classical civilizations, Enlightenment philosophy, and British political traditions

    -Explain the rights and responsibilities of United States citizens

    -Describe the unique characteristics of United States government

    -Explain the content, structure, and underlying principles of the United States Constitution
    -Analyze the powers and functions of the executive branch

    -Analyze the powers and functions of the judicial branch

    -Analyze the powers and functions of the legislative branch

    -Evaluate the roles of voters in our democracy

    -Connect current issues to long standing debates in American politics

    -Explain the relationship of the 50 state governments and the federal government

    -Discuss the importance of community engagement in fostering responsible citizens

    -Apply reading and writing skills to inquire, think critically 


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