•  Skyward Grade Codes 

    Grade/Code Definition What does it mean?  
    "*" Star No Grade Entered The teacher has not entered a grade yet for this assignment. The assignment is NOT calculated into the trade at this time
    ABE Absent--Excused The student was absent and needs to make up the assignment for FULL credit. As set by Board Policy, the student will have 2 days to make up work from an absence. 
     ABU               Absent-- Unexcused  The student was absent and needs to make up the assignment with 20% reduction if score (unexcused penalty as determined by Board Policy). The same 2 days for each day absent applies. 
     LATE  Late  
    The assignment has NOT been handed in but will still be accepted for at least partial credit
     EXE  Exempt  
     The student is NOT required to do the assignment. The assignment WILL NOT count against the student's grade.
     NHI  Not Handed In  The assignment was NOT handed in and will no longer be accepted for credit. The grade will be recorded as a "0" (zero). 
     None of these codes automatically count against the grade. In Skyward a numerical grade must be entered for the percent to be affected. You may enter the code above and a "0" so student can see the impact not doing the assignment will have on the grade AFTER the two days for every day of absence has passed.
    Absences (strictest policy allowed)

    If a student is absent, he/she has 2 days for each day of absence to make up work. 

    The student is expected to get his/her work at the next regularly scheduled class day. 

    From that date, he/she has 2 calendar days to make up the work. 

    If the due date falls on a day the class doesn’t meet, the work is due the next day. 


    If a student is present the class period an assignment is given but absent the class period an assignment is due, that assignment is due the first time the class meets after the absence. 

    If a student is present the class period a test is announced but gone the class period of a test, the test can be given during the class period on the day the student returns. 

    If a student has been gone multiple days, common sense must prevail.  He/she must have time to learn missed content or finish an assignment and expecting an assignment to be handed in or a test to be taken upon return isn’t reasonable. 

Last Modified on September 21, 2012