Mr. Wendell   Name:  Kanean Wendell
    Phone #: 785-309-3780
    Classroom: 2216
    Subject or Grade:  Biology and Sports Medicine


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    Planning periods-Best time to reach me                                          Biology Syllabus
    1st Semester
    Gold Day: 10:34-12:24
    Green Day: 9:11-10:28                                                                                   Sports Medicine Syllabus
    2nd Semester
    Gold Day: 10:34-12:24
    Green Day: 10:34-12:24
    Schedule 1st Semester
    Green Day                                 Gold Day
    Block 1-Biology                        Block 2- Biology
    Block 3- Plan                           Block 4- Sports Medicine 
    Block 5-Sports Medicine            Block 6- Plan
    Block 7 - Biology                      Block 8- Biology
    ELO                                         ELO
    2nd Semester
    Green Day                                  Gold Day
    Block 1- Biology                          Block 2-Biology
    Block 3- Sports Med                    Block 4- Sports Med
    Block 5- Plan                              Block 6- Plan
    Block 7- Biology                          Block 8- Biology
    ELO                                           ELO
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