• Heusner Positive Behavior Supports

    Spotlight on PRIDE at Heusner:
    Perseverance      Respect       Integrity      Dependability     Empathy    
    Perseverence - Working hard and not giving up
    Respect - Showing regard for the worth of someone or something
    Integrity - Consistently being truthful, fair, and honest
    Dependability - The ability to be counted on and trusted
    Empathy - Understanding others' feelings
    Pride Market - The Heusner Pride Market is up and running.

    PRIDE store 1

    PRIDE store 2

    This was taken the first week of school.  Comforting another student who was sad during the video.  The video was talking about sadness, the feeling.  They used a cartoon character whose dog had died.  This little guy on the right had lost his dog recently and started to cry.  After we talked with him, this is what happened.
    Fifth grade students buddy with second grade students reading aloud to them.



    Teaching PRIDE Expectations:

    Staff teaching assembly expectations.  Students demonstrating new hallway expectations and signals.



    Heusner teachers are reinforcing behavior in a variety of positive ways!


    Heusner PRIDE Assembly

    During an all school assembly, community members took time to share how Heusner PRIDE plays out in their jobs and family life.  The presenters helped make PRIDE come alive for students.











    Kansas Wesleyan Basketball

    Officer McFadden   

    Erin Matthews - Salina Journal

    Jeff Daily - Fire Department  

    Dr. Freelove


    The pictures below show students in their Pride Groups learning about Perseverance.  Each group consists of 10 members from cross grade levels.  Teachers and students have loved meeting in their Pride Groups.


    Heusner staff has engaged the school community in creating an acronym that represents important character traits for students to have in order to be successful.  Students, Parents, and Staff came up with PRIDE.  Heusner staff  believes in teaching school-wide expectations. 

     Heusner’s Core Discipline Beliefs

    Heusner has adopted the Positive Behavior Intervention Supports model from the state department.  As part of this process we have examined and created our core beliefs about discipline:

    •          Students are given opportunities to make decisions and live with the consequences, good or bad.

    •          Whenever possible, students should see a reasonable connection between their actions and the consequences that follow (logical consequences).

    •          Students should be guided through dialogue and expected to solve problems and adopt new behaviors without creating problems for anyone else.

    •          Every attempt will be made to maintain dignity of the student and the adult during a discipline situation.

    •         Teachers will take time to guide, teach, and reward student behavior.

    •          What teachers do will depend on the special person and the special situation.


    Heusner has created Pride Units in an effort to build relations and a sense of community at Heusner.  Students are placed in Family Pride Units which are cross grade level families.  These families meet 2 times a month. 

    Student Survey

    For more information about what is happening at Heusner contact – Sandi Renz our PBIS Coordinator

Last Modified on September 29, 2010