• Grace E. Stewart School is a place where everyone makes a difference!  Our school has students who are interested in learning and are involved in a wide variety of activities.  The homes that send us these children are very supportive of them and demonstrate that by the way they work for the children and our school.  The staff at Stewart is dedicated to the children and is constantly working towards improvement of the education they provide for them.  Put all these factors together and you have a good school.

    Grace E. Stewart is fully accredited by the State of Kansas.  The school staff is actively involved in our School Improvement Plan along with parents and members of our community.  Together we are making a difference for our students.

    We hope that as you visit our site you can feel the strength of commitment our students, families, and staff have towards learning.  Better yet, we hope that you can visit us in person sometime and allow us to share our school with you!

Last Modified on August 8, 2012